Fbyme Goes To London Fashion Week AW19


Another February means another fashion month. This season we attended only LFW and we have been blessed with amazing weather ever since we got to London. We were very excited to start fashion week and catch up with our friends, support our favourite designers and find out all the key trends for next season!

It was a week full of inspiration and breathtaking designs. We saw neutrals, splashes of neon and pastel colors, animal prints, plaid, feathers, layered-up looks and lots of different hair pieces. We can’t show you all the shows and the presentations we attended so we attached our favourites below and some of the outfits we wore during fashion week!

As long as we were in London we also shoot an amazing editorial for L’amour Magazine.
Find all the photos and the interview here. — https://fashionlamour.com/2019/02/28/sister-act-greek-goddesses/

Roberta Einer

Roberta Einer pays homage to her grandmother and celebrates the inspiring life of the women who taught her how to knit and embroider. Motifs and embroideries inspired by artwork from Soviet era postcards combine with traditional Russian embroidery, vintage scarves inspired prints for graphics on shirts and pyjamas, flowers and a remake and update of classic items from her grandmother’s wardrobe to frame the collection, which simultaneously marries Roberta Einer signatures; such as sequin-drenched disco trousers and embellished suits, as well as the smocking and denim stories from last season.

Marilia Evelina

Malan Breton

Malan Breton returns to the global stage that is London Fashion Week with his AW19 collection A.D. Opening the doors to The House Of Malan Breton, step through into a nostalgic world of 1920s characters. 

Breton revolutionises the silhouettes of the past and awakens them with the tricks of his trade. He takes on his own twist to the traditional trench with a megawatt metallic finish in gunmetal, contrasted with the soft piping of faux fur. Taiwanese embroidery techniques are deeply sewn and rooted into the seams as well his soul. Gowns intensely hand-sequined in rich reds and bold burgundies. Leather adorned in Swarovski crystals and Japanese fresh water dying are a few of the masterful techniques used to create the luxuries of this collection.


Malan Breton presentation


Bold and romantic body-wear, a myriad of iridescent hues shining like mother of pearl, a cape dropping a rainbow of reflection and hues. Sleek lines enveloping the legs, the bodies, enhancing the silhouettes. And then pitch-black, the darkest shade that absorbs them all. A delicate wink of pink. Recurring squares. An attitude, flaming red. Swans’ wings. Zebra cuts, street-chic flamboyance.

Tattooed of intentions, Osman’s women of the world come together, mothers and daughters, stronger and stronger, in an act of sisterhood, alliance, allegiance, devotion and power, the full feminine beauty in its perfect balance, enigmatic and triumphant, they are here to overcome, they are here to stay.


Marta Jakubowski

The Anthurium becomes a symbol of strength and spirit, encompassing the overall mood of the Marta’s Jakubowski collection. With strong, almost masculine silhouettes, femininity and masculinity becomes blurred, remaking the concept of the feminine in a contemporary setting. Similarly, Jakubowski experiments with this idea by incorporating puffer-jacket fabric into trench-coats, intwining a masculine element into a considerably more feminine piece.

The use of elongated silhouettes and refined tailoring can be seen throughout, elevating street-style with a sense of elegance. As the collection draws inspiration from myth and legend, it integrates long full length silhouettes and thin draping fabrics, with examples of tunic dresses and robe-style dresses, particularly through the collections formal-wear.

Marilia Evelina


This season A-JANE’s A/W 19 collection focuses on Neue Musik (new music). Neue Musik is intended to create artistic inspiration and optimism, whilst simultaneously challenging the traditional composition structure. Alice has decided to use a primary and staple colour pallet to contrast against subtly complex geometric, oversized, structured design elements. Versatile, modular and reversible elements are used within her designs to create liberation of the unexpected and to manipulate the notion of appeal.


Atelier Zuhra

Atelier Zuhra’s AW19 collection, Infinity, is rich with colour and meaning. David Yurman’s idea that “gemstones have a beauty unlike anything else because they allow light inside and refract it” inspires a collection with both surface worth and deep value. Old school elegance infused with bohemian glamour draws power from the symbolism rooted in semi-precious stones. 

Ruby reds bring courage, life, and passion to the runway, while citrine yellows underline new beginnings. With a fresh start and sparkling resolve, Infinity guarantees the resonant colour carries meaning. Green emeralds embrace love, re-birth, and fertility. Blue Sapphires remind us of the power of honesty and trust, while purple amethyst offers protection and healing.


Marilia Evelina Atelier Zuhra


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